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Randmar is a leading Canadian distributor, specializing in software platforms and innovative distribution solutions.

What we offer

A variety of solutions to unleash your business potential!

Reseller Portal

Streamline reseller operations and open doors to new opportunities.


Manage inventory & reseller opportunities, access in-depth reports, and automate restocking processes.


Make dropshipping a breeze by easily integrating shopify sites to your Randmar account.

Become a Randmar Reseller

Looking to expand your business and take it to the next level? 🚀🌟

Become a Randmar Reseller! We've got some incredible advantages lined up for you that will elevate your reselling game like never before.

Become a Randmar Reseller

Access to High-Quality Products:

You'll have your pick from top Canadian manufacturers, so you can offer your customers nothing but the best. Quality products equal happy customers! 🛍️🏆

Become a Randmar Reseller

Ship Globally, Anytime:

Expand your reach and make waves worldwide! With Randmar, you can ship products to customers anywhere, anytime. The world is your playground! 🌎🚀

Become a Randmar Reseller

Seamless E-Commerce Integration:

Worried about compatibility? No sweat! We've made it a breeze to integrate with any e-commerce platform you're using. Get ready to streamline your operations and boost sales! 💼💡

Become a Randmar Manufacturer

🤝 Looking to unlock the full potential of your business and reach new heights of success?

Randmar is your trusted Canadian distributor with warehouses across Canada and the US. We've been in the game for nearly a century, building strong relationships with top manufacturers and the nation's largest couriers.

Now, we're ready to revolutionize distribution with the power of technology, software, and innovation!


Trust our clients

Mark Smith
office cart

"Randmar has been our preferred distributor for years. From the amazing customer service (thanks Massimo), large product availability and working with the warehouse for easy pick-ups- they are essential to ensuring we serve our customers efficiently. Keep up the great job!"


“Mid Island Ink Depot has been working with Randmar for the past 15 years. We have always found them extremely good to work with. Our partnership with Randmar has allowed us to confidently grow our business over the years.”


“Randmar’s capability and willingness to work resellers is light years ahead of any other Canadian Distributor Partner. This has been the driving factor in the shift of the bulk of our business over to Randmar.”

“We envision as a tool for Resellers and Manufacturers to work together allowing them to develop new international opportunities.”
- Gislain Armand, President

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