How to Deal with Returns and Refunds: A Reseller’s Guide

June 21, 2023

5 min to read

Roll up your sleeves, dear resellers, because today we're plunging into the world of returns and refunds. Yes, they might not be as glamorous as those eureka moments when you find a hot-selling product, but returns are an integral part of the reselling business. And let's be real – handling them like a pro can turn potential pitfalls into powerful customer loyalty builders.

1. Understand What You Can Return

Before you find yourself knee-deep in packing peanuts, let's lay down the rules of the game:

  • There’s a 90-day window to return eligible items. Past that point, they're yours for keeps.
  • Discontinued products are non-returnable. They’ve retired and can't be coaxed back into action.
  • Restocking fees of 20% apply to non-defective merchandise or returns due to customer errors. Any packaging hiccups could increase these charges.
  • Special orders have a strict no-return policy. They’re like personalized tattoos – once you have them, they're yours.
  • Declined units get the boot.
  • Return requests are in play for 45 days post-acceptance and pre-receipt.

With hardware or printers, go straight to the source – the manufacturer. Registering these items for warranty purposes ensures top-notch support.

Tip for Resellers: Create a clear return policy for your customers to prevent any misunderstanding. For instance:

"Dear Customer, we offer a 90-day return policy for eligible items. Unfortunately, special orders and discontinued products cannot be returned. We also charge a 20% restocking fee for non-defective merchandise or customer errors. Thanks for your understanding!"

2. How to Create a Return (RMA)

Creating a return, or as we love to call it, crafting an RMA, is as easy as pie. Here's how:

  1. Log into your reseller account on Randmar | Your Canadian Distributor.
  2. Find the invoice for the item you want to return.
  3. Click the action button on the top right of the invoice to reveal a dropdown menu.
  4. Select "Create RMA".
  5. Fill in the necessary details, such as the return reason.
  6. Double-check the information.
  7. Agree to the return terms and conditions.
  8. Submit the RMA request.

Tip for Resellers: Make the process easier for your customers by giving them a detailed guide on how to request a return:

"Dear Customer, to request a return, simply find the invoice for the item you wish to return in your account. Click on the 'Action' button and select 'Create RMA'. Fill in the necessary details, double-check the information, and then click 'Submit Request'."

3. How and Where to Return Your RMA

Now, let's cover the path of your return parcel:

  1. Log into your reseller account on Randmar | Your Canadian Distributor.
  2. Find the 'Return' tab within your account.
  3. Locate the RMA you want to return.
  4. Click on the RMA and select "create return shipping label".
  5. Follow the instructions to generate your label.
  6. Print out the shipping label emailed to you.
  7. Package your return securely.
  8. Attach the shipping label to your package.
  9. Drop off the package at a designated location or schedule a pickup.

Remember to monitor any RMA updates to stay informed.

Tip for Resellers: Keep your customers in the loop about their return status:

"Dear Customer, your return request has been accepted. Please check your email for the shipping label and drop off your package at a designated location. Thank you for your cooperation!"

Handling returns and refunds might seem daunting, but with a clear understanding, a dash of patience, and effective customer communication, you can steer through it like a pro. After all, at Randmar, we're here to support you in not just finding great products, but also creating memorable customer experiences.