Our Vision

To revolutionize the distribution industry by becoming the leading distributor in Canada

Our Mission

At Randmar, our mission is to leverage our extensive network and relationships to provide efficient and innovative distribution solutions to our resellers through the use of technology and software. We strive to continuously improve and adapt in order to stay at the forefront of the industry and exceed customer expectations.

Our Story

Founded in 1936 by Rosario Armand, Randmar Inc. has been a third-generation company since 2021 when Gislain Armand became president. The company was originally focused on typewriting machine parts, but as the market evolved, it began to focus on printers and printing supplies.In 1981, Randmar Inc. was assumed by Georges Armand, who worked to expand the company's reach by expanding its product line and establishing strong relationships with resellers and manufacturers.Today, Randmar Inc. is an industry leader in supplying software platforms that enable resellers and manufacturers to work together to sell anything—from parts for printers and printing supplies to clothing and other consumer goods.

Founded by Rosario Armand, initially focused on typewriting machine parts
Shifts focus to printers and printing supplies as market changes
Industry leader enabling Resellers and Manufacturers to collaborate and sell a wide range of products, from printing supplies to consumer goods
Georges Armand assumes leadership, expands product line, and builds reseller/manufacturer relationships
Third-generation leadership under Gislain & Danielle Armand, expanding into software platforms
We envision Randmar.io as a tool for Resellers and Manufacturers to work together allowing them to develop new international marketplaces.”
Gislain Armand, President

September 22, 2023

Delving into the realm of web development, Randmar found a trusted ally in WebsiteSquirrel. Emphasizing the critical role of user experience, mobile adaptability, SEO prominence, and more, the collaboration has revolutionized Randmar's online presence. With WebsiteSquirrel's unique approach of partnering rather than just providing, they've become an invaluable extension of our team. Our improved website now stands testament to their expertise. We encourage our partners to explore WebsiteSquirrel and experience the web magic firsthand!

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Is dropshipping a revolutionary business model or just another overhyped trend?

September 19, 2023

Looking to make money online? Dropshipping is a simple business model where you create an online store, list products, and a supplier ships products to the customer. Advantages include low startup costs, flexibility, and easy scalability. However, there are also cons such as lower profit margins, less control over shipping, and more competition. Randmar's e-commerce platform offers thousands of high-quality name-brand products from multiple suppliers, making dropshipping easier. With Randmar Connect, their Shopify app, managing your dropshipping business is a breeze.

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September 19, 2023

Explore the paramount importance of quality in the reselling business with Randmar, your VIP guide. Learn why offering high-quality, branded products not only builds customer trust and boosts your reputation, but also sets you apart in the bustling online marketplace. Dive into the 'Randmar Effect' and discover how aligning with us equips you with an array of superior products that can transform your reselling venture. Join the Randmar family – because in our kingdom, quality isn't just king, it's the entire realm!

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