Illuminate Your Sales: Why Resellers Should Embrace LEDVANCE Smart Lighting Solutions

January 3, 2024

5 min to read

We're diving into the bright world of LEDVANCE's smart lighting products. As a reseller, you're always on the lookout for innovative products that not only appeal to a wide range of customers but also add value to their lives. LEDVANCE's SMART+ series does just that. 

Here's why you should consider stocking these smart lighting solutions, and the target markets ripe for these products.

1. SMART+ WiFi Corner Lamp

Target Market: Ideal for the modern homeowner and apartment dwellers. This lamp fits perfectly into any corner, offering customizable mood lighting. Its sleek design and color-changing abilities make it a hit among young professionals and those interested in home décor and smart home technology.

2. SMART+ WiFi Filament Color + 2000K G25

Target Market: Perfect for boutique cafes, vintage stores, and cozy home interiors. The warm, amber white light creates a nostalgic and intimate atmosphere, appealing to establishments and individuals who cherish a vintage aesthetic.

3. SMART+ WiFi Full Color & Tunable White Lamps

Target Market: These versatile bulbs are a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial settings - from homes needing dynamic lighting solutions to restaurants and galleries seeking adjustable ambiance.

4. SMART+ WiFi Filament Amber A19

Target Market: Best suited for homeowners and interior designers focusing on accent and ambient lighting. This bulb adds a warm glow to any room, making it ideal for living areas and bedrooms.

5. SMART+ WiFi Plug

Target Market: A game-changer for the tech-savvy and home automation enthusiasts. This plug is a great upsell for customers investing in smart home technology, looking to retrofit their existing devices.

6. SMART+ WiFi Flex Full Color & Tunable White

Target Market: Creative individuals and contemporary businesses. From under-cabinet kitchen lighting to creative studio spaces, these flexible strips add both functionality and flair.

7. SMART+ WiFi Soft White Lamps

Target Market: A staple for every home, making it a universal product for all customers. They are particularly appealing to those transitioning to smart homes but preferring traditional lighting aesthetics.

8. SMART+ WiFi Filament Clear (A19 & G25 Soft White)

Target Market: For the eco-conscious and style-oriented. These bulbs are perfect for environmentally conscious consumers looking for energy-efficient yet stylish lighting options.

9. SMART+ WiFi Filament Clear: ST19 Soft White

Target Market: Ideal for homeowners, restaurants, and cafes that prefer a retro style with modern technology. This bulb fits well in antique fixtures, adding a touch of class.

10. SMART+ WiFi Filament Color + 2000K (A19 & ST19)

Target Market: These are great for ambient lighting lovers and those who enjoy hosting parties or want dynamic lighting. They're also perfect for thematic establishments like bars or event spaces.

Stocking LEDVANCE's SMART+ series is more than just selling light bulbs; it's about offering a lifestyle upgrade. These products cater to a growing market of smart home adopters, environmentally conscious individuals, and those who appreciate the blend of style and technology. By featuring these products, you position your business as a forward-thinking, solution-oriented retailer in the ever-evolving world of smart home technology.

Illuminate your inventory with LEDVANCE, and watch your sales glow. Stay bright, stay innovative! 🌟