Partner Dashboard

February 7, 2024

5 min to read

The Randmar Partner Dashboard is tailored to empower both resellers and manufacturers, offering a centralized platform for seamless account management. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the dashboard's key features, from user management and notifications to integration with Shopify and beyond. Discover how each section can enhance your operations, making your partnership with Randmar more productive and rewarding.

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Welcome to your Partner Dashboard, the central hub for managing your Randmar account, whether you're a Reseller, Manufacturer, or both. Here, you can swiftly navigate to the Reseller or Manufacturer Portal, upload your business logo for a personalized touch, and access Randmar’s blog for insightful tips to enhance your e-commerce business.


Users Management

This section allows you to oversee user access to your Randmar Account, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Invite team members via email, and manage user roles with options to temporarily deactivate or permanently remove users as needed.


Tailor notifications to fit different business roles by managing alerts for each user. Simply click the “bell” icon to customize notifications, ensuring relevant updates reach the right team members.


Keep track of all activities within your account, from user invitations to order placements and shipping label creations. This log provides transparency and accountability for all actions taken by your team.


Welcome to Your Reseller Profile

Update your public information here to ensure Manufacturers can easily connect with you for potential opportunities. This profile is your business's storefront to the Randmar community.

Account Tier

View your current Pricing Tier and explore options to adjust it according to your business needs. Stay informed about your terms and credit limits as a Reseller.


Access and download billing statements, and keep track of payments within this section for smooth financial management.


Download essential business reports, including a detailed “Products Report,” tracking files for Amazon and Walmart, and a comprehensive statement of your orders to aid in decision-making.


Welcome to Your Manufacturer Profile

Monitor your sales trends and manage your profile. Ensure your public information is complete, helping Resellers easily identify your brand and product offerings.


Adjust your reordering settings to control lead times, stocking weeks, minimum orders, and reorder dates, enhancing efficiency in restocking processes.

Billing, Credit & Rebates

Update your business address and accounts payable information here. Review your current Terms and Credit Limit with Randmar for smooth financial transactions. In the event that you will need to change your address, please email


If applicable, you can provide the links to your Partner Portals or Qualification Program in this section.

Reseller Orders

Quickly glance at open orders, with color indicators to identify processing, shipped, and delayed orders, allowing for timely management and actions.


In this section you can download a variety of useful reports. From your Open Orders & Sales Report, to your Inventory Reports.


Integrate your online store with Randmar using our Shopify App, Randmar Connect, for seamless product integration and fulfillment. Ensure your store's integration is validated for optimal performance. 'Validate Store' to confirm your store's integration. This ensures everything is set up correctly for a seamless default integration experience.

Shop Information

See information about your Shopify Store. To change any information, please go to Shopify.


Add or edit shipping slip comments to provide specific instructions or notes for each shipment, enhancing communication and delivery processes.


Automate store processes with Randmar by syncing orders, product information, and inventories, ensuring real-time updates and fulfillment efficiency.


Enable webhooks for direct communication between Randmar's systems and your Shopify store, facilitating automated updates and actions.


Customize your shipping preferences with the 'Ship Complete' option to control how and when orders are shipped, providing flexibility in fulfilling customer orders.


Simplify system interactions by creating API Keys for API Integrations, allowing your systems to seamlessly connect with Randmar and streamline operations.

As you navigate through the diverse features of the Partner Dashboard, we hope this guide has provided you with a clear understanding of how to leverage each section to optimize your operations, whether you're a reseller or manufacturer. From managing user access and customizing notifications to integrating with Shopify and adjusting your shipping preferences, the Partner Dashboard is designed to streamline your business processes with Randmar. Should you require further assistance or have any questions, our dedicated support team is always here to help you maximize the benefits of your Randmar partnership. Remember, your success is our priority, and we're committed to providing the tools and support you need to thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce.