Transform Your Business with BiOSS Hand Sanitizers: A Reseller's Guide

January 15, 2024

5 min to read

In the dynamic world of health and wellness, Randmar proudly introduces BiOSS, a revolutionary hand sanitizer brand. As a reseller, you now have the golden opportunity to diversify your portfolio with BiOSS's range of products, easily integrated into your Shopify stores using the Randmar Connect App. Let's dive into the specifics of these products and discover how they can benefit your business.

BiOSS002 New Hand Sanitizer - 500 ml

A staple for any reseller, the BiOSS002 offers a perfect balance of size and convenience. Ideal for both personal and professional spaces, its 500 ml volume ensures longevity while maintaining portability.

BIOSS005 Antibacterial Wipes for Surfaces

With cleanliness more important than ever, the BIOSS005 antibacterial wipes are a must-have for consumers seeking to maintain hygienic surfaces. Easy to use and effective, they are an excellent addition to any product line.

BiOSS012 Hand Sanitizer 850ml Refill for BiOSS Dispensers

Eco-friendliness meets practicality with the BiOSS012 850ml refill. Designed for BiOSS dispensers, it's an economical and environmentally conscious choice for both businesses and individual users.

BiOSS Hydra Germ 40ml - Essence de Citron

This compact and travel-friendly sanitizer, with its refreshing lemon essence, is perfect for on-the-go hygiene. Its 40ml size is ideal for a quick freshen-up, fitting easily into any bag or pocket.

BiOSS Hydra Germ 150ml - Essence de Citron

The 150ml version of the Hydra Germ provides a longer-lasting supply with the same invigorating lemon scent. It's perfect for customers who appreciate a balance between portability and volume.

BiOSS011 Hand Sanitizer Touch-Free Automatic Dispenser

For tech-savvy consumers and modern spaces, the BiOSS011 automatic dispenser is a standout. It's touch-free, ensuring maximum hygiene and convenience.

BiOSS Lingettes Désinfectantes pour Surfaces - 200 - Parfum Citron

These lemon-scented disinfectant wipes in a 200-pack are an essential for households and offices alike. They offer a quick and effective way to clean surfaces, leaving behind a pleasant lemon fragrance.

BiOSS Hydra Germ 473ml - Essence de Citron

The 473ml Hydra Germ strikes a perfect balance for users seeking a larger volume without the bulk. Its lemon essence adds a refreshing touch to routine sanitization.

BiOSS004 Hand Sanitizer Gel- 4L- Lemon Scent

Ideal for high-traffic areas or frequent users, the BiOSS004 offers a massive 4-liter supply. This lemon-scented sanitizer is perfect for refilling smaller containers or for use in dispenser systems.

Capitalize on the BiOSS Advantage

By incorporating these ten BiOSS products into your inventory, you're not just selling sanitizers; you're offering a comprehensive solution for personal and public health. The variety, effectiveness, and appealing scents of these products, coupled with the ease of syncing them to your Shopify store via Randmar Connect, make them a valuable addition to your business.

Embrace the opportunity to grow your business with BiOSS and Randmar. Start syncing these top-tier hand sanitizers to your Shopify store today and step into a world of enhanced health, hygiene, and business success.